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Why Isn’t My Car Key Remote Working?

It’s so convenient having a car key remote fob to open and lock your car, but it becomes a real pain when they stop working. Whether it’s a dead battery or broken casing, most key fobs on French cars fail at some time or another. There are a few different reasons why your car key button will stop working, so let’s take a look at when you need to bring it in for repairs in our Shrewsbury garage.

What to check when your key fob stops working

If your car suddenly stops unlocking when you press your key fob, there are a few checks you can do to figure out what the problem is:

  • Use a spare key to verify it’s the key that’s the issue (if your backup key isn’t working either, it’s likely an issue with the sensor in the car).
  • Check and replace the key fob battery (we’ll show you how below).
  • Take the key fob apart and check if the buttons have become misaligned.

If you do these checks and nothing is working, you probably need to get the key re-programmed or replaced – both are things we can handle for you at our garage.

Is Your Car Key Remote Actually Bad?

If you’ve got a backup key and the fob is working on this one, your original key is broken. However, if your backup key isn’t working either, it’s not a key problem – something electrical or mechanical is going on with your doors.

If this is the case, you’ll need to bring your car in for a diagnostic check. We’ll run an electrical diagnostic to see if the keys just need programming or if something else has gone wrong.

Check the battery

Most car keys run on four button cell batteries. These aren’t expensive to buy and it’s easy enough to get the case off to replace them.

Grab your manual and follow the instructions inside so you know how to take the key apart safely and the exact batteries you need to replace.

If you don’t have your manual, you can ring up your local dealer of that model and ask – they’ll be able to tell you what batteries you need.

Need a new car key remote in Shrewsbury?

If your car keys aren’t working and changing the batteries hasn’t done the trick, there’s a chance the receiver inside has become damaged or disconnected.

If this is the case, you’ll need to bring it to us. We fix broken keys for French cars and most major brands regularly. We’ll be able to repair the issue or replace your key if it’s past repair.

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